Victoria Marie Alonso’s new book, “Loving God, Suffering and being in His for all” is a gripping work about a women’s journey to find balance in life while living with Schizophrenia. It is an evocative book about a woman’s life after she received the diagnosis Schizophrenia; through her suffering her love for God increases every day as she continues to recover.

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While parts of this book are spiritually inclined, Victoria does not want to exclude anyone who has different beliefs or lack thereof. She believes all people with a mental disorder or interested in mental disorders particularly Schizophrenia will benefit from reading this book. While their own path will be different on the road to recovery this book is a testimony from someone with this disorder.

It must also be noted that Victoria’s relationship with her special love for her priest during some of the psychotic periods of her early symptoms was purely platonic and never had any sort of sexual connotations. Although she still loves this priest very much and had a very strong spiritual connection which is still active when they do meet, her contact with him at God’s bidding she states, “has become only once or twice a year an email with the occasional visit and him recommending spiritual books to her rather than any sort of spiritual direction”. She is currently praying and seeking for a spiritual director who understands Eastern and Western spirituality and also one who has some psychology education. If anyone who comes across this site has anyone who may come even close to that criteria, she welcomes emails and contact. She no longer struggles with the fact that she does not have a spiritual director right now as she believes that “when the student is ready the teacher will come”.

Portions of all book sales will go to benefit CureSZ. Please see this link to learn more about this wonderful organization.