we all make mistakes…

sometimes we know them but often we realize them afterwards.  or not at all.  many things blind us; many things stand in the way.

addiction isn’t pretty







Found God!

I have to admit I fell into Buddhism and have gladly avoided this trap of the 👿. Ha ha I won but it was close by a hair.

obsessing lately about religion and have settled once again on the Catholic Faith! Praise be to Jesus through the arms of Holy Mary!

Was psychotic for a few days and now back in touch with reality 👍🏻



New direction of this blog…

Well, well, well.  here I am wondering once again who I am and the reason God put me on this earth.

I constantly make decisions, we all do, but my decisions are life changing recently and I am back safe and sound again and happy to report doing well.

Today for the first time I looked at all my followers since 2013.  I recognized many but there were some with interesting handles who I have never seen.  It amazed me and reminded me why I started this blog…

It was not to convert people to Catholicism, it was not to save man kind, it was not to sell things, it was to give support to those in need and be a safe place where I could blog about my ups and downs and sometimes ramble and sometimes make perfect sense to somebody!

Have I impacted lives?  Yes I believe so.

So will I continue to blog?  yes, wholeheartedly yes!!!



Hard to let this blog go…

I am in love with Jesus the Divine!

So much to say, not the right words to describe my rebirth as one of God’s creatures. all life is precious.

not sure if i am psychotic right now but God speaks to me through everything right now.  i feel his immense presence in every aspect of my life.



Happiness is within me…

I don’t have to go outside my walls to find God. He is within me and touches every pore of my being. I am in awe of His Majesty.

Been studying world religions and am amazed by the similarities!



I say my good by-

Dear readers,

yes it is true I am no longer going to be blogging. Wow! So this blog is my last!

I am on a path to different things and must focus.



you can say some goodbyes to me at victoriamariealonso@yahoo.com

At peace at last…

I struggle a lot but then there are periods when I don’t struggle at all. I am learning a lot through trial and error what works and what doesn’t!

I am at peace now after a couple of difficult days. Will blog more soon but happy to be at a better place 🙏



Too much stimuli can be bad but not enough isn’t good either….

Dear readers,

Happy Sunday!  As I sit here this morning I was debating about blogging or not.  Well we’ll see if this post gets published.

I am not in a terrible place but not a good one either.  I am bored with myself.  And I know it has to do with quitting drinking but I know it was the best decision to make and know this feeling of blah will pass.  I know I want to be sober for many reasons and that I am an alcoholic even if I never got a drunk driving or had anything terrible happen.  I obsess over my next drink and have to have one or two every day and this last drunk I had made friends with the bartender which to some may be a good thing but to me it opened my eyes.

He had been making my drinks really strong and this last time he came over and poured some extra in my glass and I couldn’t not drink it.  I had to wait three hours before I could drive and knew I could never go back there as it would happen again and luckily that day I didn’t have to be anywhere so it worked out but now that he did that once (got me drunk) I know I can’t go there again as the same thing might happen.  So I just disappeared from the bar and it’s been a week since the occurrence.  I’m good at disappearing:)

As to the title of this blog I ponder about my need for self care.  I can’t be places where there is a lot of noise or activity but also I don’t like it when I am alone and the silence is sometimes too much.  Hoping my new therapist will help me to be able to balance between the two.

My husband’s best friend came for the weekend and yesterday it was too much with my husband making breakfast and his friend and my sons all in the kitchen with a huge mess from the day before.  I went to the park and played my zen music and was able to feel better after an hour and came home and tackled the dishes and hung out with my kids.  It was a good day but had its moments for sure.

Today the house is quiet but with much to do and not doing it yet but will soon.  Music is playing while I blog and still in love with Jason Mraz.  He has a concert coming up in October my birthday month when I will be turning 50 (more on that in a minute) but I might not go to the concert because he dresses up with his banana suit and sings all these deep songs but I can’t stand what he is wearing ha ha.  So I will wait and see because the last concert I went to he was wearing it and still is in the Philippines so we shall see.

As to turning 50, I am pretty excited about it.  That is a huge milestone.  And although I might not be where I want to be right now I know what I like and what works for the most part but am looking forward to hearing what my zen therapist has to say about some areas of my life that need changing and the good part is that I know what they are just sort of stuck.

So we shall see with how she can help and as usual I will report back.

Hope you all are doing well.  I pray for you all every night before sleep…



Feeling out of sorts…

Dear readers,

Today nothing tastes good.  I have quit drinking and been watching my calories and increased protein and fiber and weighed today and up three pounds:( So what do I do?  I make chocolate chip pancakes to drown in my sorrows and it didn’t even taste good.  Only had one…

I have an appointment with my regular doctor to discuss my weight problem and hopefully will get some answers.  Hoping she can give me weight loss pills to help with the hunger that I feel.

I know I have said before I would rather than be fat and sane than skinny and psychotic.  Well today I am sane and fat and feeling like there must be some other answer.  I thought that quitting drinking my calories and watching my intake would yield results but alas didn’t work.

I have been working out every day almost and while it feels good also would have thought it would have caused some weight loss.

Enough about my weight I am bored even typing out these words.

I am fixing up my guest room and now calling it my meditation room.  I bought a cool bedspread and new desk and bookshelf and wall hang.  It is all very zen so hoping to bring more peace in the room I spend most of my time.

Relationships are all solid as are the finances so I have  lot to be grateful for.

My husband’s work changed owners so he will be making more money so going to try to not spend too much although I spent some on my meditation room.  I must be a better steward with our money.

My parents are both doing well.  So happy they are both alive and well for the most part.

I’m just down right now and don’t have any answers  but at least I am not psychotic thanks to the cbd oil I now take.  Seriously it is a game changer!

Well I am off to prep my meditation room for painting.

Hope you are all doing well.  I know this mood will pass but for now I am not smiling and as grateful as I know I should be.  Must avoid the word should!  I am where I am.  Safe.