A lighter kind of post with a kick…

Dear readers,

In the six years of blogging about my ups and downs I have sure shared some very personal and hard posts along with some successes.  Now that I am doing so well I don’t have those kind of posts to share anymore.  Life is not full of drama and psychotic state of mind.  It is awesome really and I will take this period of quiet for what it is worth, everything.

But I miss blogging and writing so today I am going to focus on all the good in my life and boy there is a lot!

My days are spent with my dogs, especially Butter who I have given a new nickname, Baby Butterfall, spending lots of time around waterfalls so I love when I have a new name for her.

Dog is God spelled backwards.  Do you think this is a mistake?  I think God loves dogs as they bring so much happiness to their owners and the people that they encounter!  I have been going to the beach a lot since getting back from Hawaii and there always is some cute dog to pet and love and talk with the owners for a bit on my merry way.

My dog Butter is so content with life as am I right now.  Right now she has her rawhide and is happily chewing on it until I get around to feeding her her breakfast.  She loves to be pet especially at night before I put her away in her kennel.  She makes piggy noises when I pet her and talk to her cute.  She provides so much emotional support…

I also have been spending a lot of time with the newlyweds.  We have so much going on and i love how we have so many plans to do things.  Mother’s Day this Sunday, trip to La following week visiting her family and mine but oh yeah I forgot we are all family now!

The garden is coming along nicely although it is slow.  I spend a half an hour out there several days a week and I love it!

But what I love the most is knowing Jesus in an unextraordinary way.  I speak to Him often and Mary and implore God to answer all my prayers.  God does not speak to me anymore and I like it like that!  Haven’t heard voices for a while and I like the quiet.

I’ve been taking better care of my physical appearance and might even share a pic one of these days.  Walking a lot or a little depending on the weather.  I like to walk with my daughter or a friend and just talk and talk.

Life is certainly not boring.  It is amazing and I am so happy these days for the reasons above and more…

If you are not at a good place I ask you if you know the Lord?  He wants to know you and all you have to do is ask Jesus into your heart and wonderful things will follow!  The Holy Spirit is active around the globe and my life has never been better.

God bless,



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