All that matters…

Dear readers,

I am afraid at times, when I fall, when I give in, when I want to give up!

More than surviving these days, but the last two days have been sick and failing at some things and other things doing really well at.

To be called a Schizophrenia survivor means so much!  I have a life beyond my dreams.  And even though I am not currently doing all the things that need to get done I know that all that matters is that I trust in God.  Completely, freely and wholeheartedly.

Temptations are all around and too often I give in.  Won’t share precisely what I am talking about but it all has to do with honesty.  I hide things.  We all do I suppose but been thinking about this a lot lately.  I wish i could be honest in all my affairs…

Just now ordered some dressy yoga pants, three pairs.  Wow!  And won’t tell the hubby.  That is just one thing.

All I have is God to rely on and I surely do or I would just fall apart and I know i would give up without God directing my life.



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