as we forgive those who trespass against us is my prayer today…

I am in complete shock right now. In addition to the pain I am experiencing with both my parents being ill I have to deal with my sister who made a very stigmatizing statement to me a couple of days ago. I am so hurt and angry and I know I need to forgive her but it is the hardest thing right now to let go of.

My mom said recently that she wanted all three of us (my brother, sister and me) to be on her account because we could watch each other. My parents have a lot of money. Well I let my siblings know her wishes through text and never heard back from them. When I brought it up to my sister the other day she said “there is no way you are going on her account because you are mentally ill” and then she said it again. She has been really nice to me through all of these hard times with my mom and has been there for my mom every day to help. I now realize that she has been patronizing rather than genuinely nice.

Originally my mom had wanted my brother to be in charge of everything as my sister has proven not to be trustworthy in several areas throughout our life with my parents. Well after she said that comment I was in such shock that I just said well it needs to be you and my brother. I thought a great comeback later, I might be mentally ill but at least I am honest.

I am in such pain over this and immediately got my brother involved. I just want my parent’s money to be protected from my sister. She has made other comments since then that just don’t sit well with me. She wants my mom to go home after she is better and get a full time caregiver. Well I know that this is not the best thing for her and my brother agrees that she needs to go into a home where there are activities and the like. I have been secretly looking at places for mom and my brother is here today to step in and take over all the decisions.

I just want the best for my parents and my sister is not to be in control! Forget her insensitive comment about me being mentally ill the bottom line is that if we use all their money to keep them as comfortable as possible in their declining years then so be it. If there is nothing left for us then so be it. I fear my sister thinks differently so am so glad my brother who lives 5 hours away will be here to get the very best care for my mom and dad.

Whew that was hard to write. My brother wants me and my sister to stay in touch after our parents die but I really don’t know if that will happen.

I know I need to forgive her but it is very hard right now as it is so fresh.

I am venting my pain and dismay. Thank you for reading this.

I know I am obsessing but it is where I am at and it is consuming me right now.

Bless you all,



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  1. This must be very hard to deal with. I know how close I am to my brothers and can’t imagine if something like this ever came between us. It sounds like your brother is understanding though. Hopefully he will see to your parents’ wishes and do as they want him to do. I pray that God will get you through this hard time and help you to forgive where you need to forgive. That is sometimes easier said than done. Take care.

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