Can my marriage survive?

Dear readers

I have made the hefty decision to leave my husband-

Saw my psychiatrist yesterday and he agreed it might be a wise move since I am so terribly unhappy and my husband didn’t even ask how the appointment went…

Much to think about but started the separation of our money yesterday.

Praying to God of the universe and St Joseph for a miracle otherwise I am out of here after my college son has finals in two weeks.

I see my therapist today, much to process but this is what I need from him to stay in this marriage-

To see a doctor for his untreated sleep apnea as he is tired and irritable all the time due to interrupted sleep

To try to understand my disorder and why I can’t work

To take a look at our debt and help me out with it

To do things together besides sex and eating out

To stop drinking so much

To be less critical of me And try to understand that my disorder causes me to have lack of motivation much of the time

These are the basics but the nutshell of why I am so unhappy.

I have seen miracles before when I ask for the intercession of St Joseph in a novena so really hope he comes through otherwise it’s over after almost 27 years of marriage!!!

We shall see! Kids know nothing of my decision so please pray to God with me!!!

Bless you all!



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