Dedicate my suffering for two dear friends today…

To all,

My recovery from gallbladder surgery is slow and painful.  As is my recovery from this latest relapse from Schizophrenia…

So today I dedicate this suffering for two dear friends who are both suffering as well but in different ways.  One has the flu and the other is suffering from a broken heart, her daughter has left the home at a young age and my friend barely hears from her and it is affecting her greatly.

All I have is my prayers for both!  And I know that is enough.  Look at what God has done for me so far with my marriage!  Tomorrow we go to therapy together so he can learn how to support me with my mental disorder.  Going to be interesting for sure!

And just last week I thought my marriage was over.  But The Divine had other plans and I am just so grateful to Him who made heaven and earth.  My husband has been really sensitive to my mental and physical needs since the separation and surgery.  Weird how I need help in both areas right now.

Last night he helped me make a healthy dinner and asked me about how I was doing and if my visit with my mom (she came over) had stressed me out.  It didn’t I was happy to report and so grateful that he is getting it into his brain that there are just things that do stress me out.  We have a party this weekend and I am hoping he will understand that when I am done, I am done as I don’t do well in large gatherings, especially when I know very few people.  One on one I am much better.

So holding my heart for my two dear friends and also for my readers.  Thank you for the support and for following my blogs.  Still trying to figure out why the day I shared with my husband that I had a blog since 2013, I got 1700 hits on my book page.  My bad though as it didn’t even have a link to my book but it does now so we shall see.  We are in a bad way financially so if I sold some books that would be great!

Have a great day and may God bless each and every one of you today and every day!



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