Don’t know how I am doing…

Dear readers,

Well well…

Here I am again readjusting to life after a vacation.  I am very flippant in my moods and really don’t know how I am doing really.

I know what I am not though so will start there.

I know i am not anxious, suicidal, or unhappy.

But I am slightly depressed and apathetic.

I hate not knowing.

I know my mood today has to do with it being Good Friday and the choice to not indulge in things that bring me pleasure.

Today will pass as it always does but I feel the emptiness of the tomb and tabernacle after Jesus died.  A loss but Resurrection Sunday or Easter is right around the corner so there is much to be happy about.

I just am not there today.  Mourning the loss of Jesus is very real for me and I pray the whole world will be saved upon entering eternal rest.

I will now go pray my rosary, the sorrowful mysteries for all of you, my family and yes even me.

God bless you all!



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