Faith is all I have…

Dear readers,

Took a little break and wish I could say everything is peachy but I’m struggling again and faith is all I have holding me up.

See my psychiatrist today so that’s good.

Feel off and out of sorts. Unmotivated again but many obstacles in my way which prevent a good routine.

I would like to share some positive affirmations which I plan to read every day.

Our thoughts guide our actions and lately my thoughts have been very dark and obscure sad to say.

So enjoy. Going to sip my coffee and take on a trash project lol. Have a great day everyone and remember don’t give up. Keep the faith in Jesus and you will be one step ahead of the past.

Morning Affirmation 

I welcome today with open arms and a grateful heart. Today marks a fresh start for me! I let go of yesterday, and am excited to embark on a magical, new future. The road ahead is full of wonderful opportunities to improve my life. All good things are now possible for me! 


 Positive Energy 

Start today by bathing yourself in positive energy. Be in gratitude. Fill your heart with love. Look forward to bright days ahead. Have an awesome day today. Remember, life is beautiful. 


 Focus on Happiness 

Life is meant to be happy. What you focus on determines your experience. Sit quietly and notice this simple truth. Your thoughts affect your emotions, and your emotions affect your quality of life. Focus on things that make you happy! 


 Positive and Uplifting Quotes 

If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you. 

Do it over and over again until it becomes part of who you are. 

Continue to move forward regardless of setbacks. Endure and train hard until you reach your goals. 

Believe in yourself and choose to shine. 

Your success is found in your daily routine. 



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