Happy Mental Health Awareness Month!

Dear readers,

Been a little while since I blogged but been very busy and hurt my wrist so trying not to use it too much.

Been doing pretty good for the most part, nothing too unusual to report which is great news.

So I would like to take a moment to recognize all of you faithful followers and this month that we celebrate.  To those of you who suffer from Schizophrenia, Schizoaffective Disorder, depression, anxiety, OCD or the like I wish to encourage you to embrace your life as it is and if you aren’t in a good place to get the help that you need!  Be it in the form of therapy, a new psychiatrist because the one you have just doesn’t get you or establishing new routines to help with whatever ailment or all of the above like me.

I have begun gardening every day and also meditating.  This really helps my anxiety a lot!  Nothing like a garden full of flowers to take care of in my Mary garden which is very apropo because this is also the month of Mary!  Meditating for at least ten minutes a day is my goal and I like to lie down to do so.  Headspace has some free guided meditations to learn how to do it but I am sure there are many other ones as well.

Once my wrist fully heals will also be getting back into the practice of yoga.

Do I see a theme here? Staying away from negativity and reaching for habits that help me and don’t hurt me!  It does make a huge difference in my outlook on life.

And I will add on a final note that although I am doing fine today it has been a rough week but I will not write about it because it is much of the same I have written about before.

I choose to focus on the good in my life and will be blogging again soon to highlight so much in that regard!




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