how have i accomplished so much being mentally disordered?

I read my bible and watch for God to speak to me through his many passages.  Today was 1 Corinthians.

I also take care of me, take my meds, keep connected with family and loved ones, keep up my house and bills, take care of the pups which is fun!  and take time for me to sometimes get away (went to Joshua Tree this last weekend with my daughter), sometimes to stay at home and often to run around this city and others, finding new things to do and making sure that i always have my physical needs taken care of.

I do have my vices coffee etc… but i make time for what is important, my mental health.  Tuesday I drove an hour each way to pick up samples of my meds which would have been 4,000$ if I had to pick them up at the pharmacy because I am cash pay right now.

Saving money has become my new passion from quarters and dimes to dollars to hundreds.  My husband got a new position and I am happy to say that he is doing very well.  He’s not happy with all of it though but is managing the stress of a new position with ease.

And last but not least I plan, not every second of my day but I decided to fix up my meditation room and painted it green with a tree on the wall.  Very zen with my Catholic crucifixes and my favorite statue of Mary the mother of God.

It’s quite lovely and i spend a lot of time in there.  No computer but I do use my phone to listen to music and research my next project which right now is renovating the rose garden.

those are some of the ways I live in recovery.  mental health is good right now with a little bit of anxiety.  but not psychotic or delusional about things although God still does talk to me through events by leading along this path we call life.




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