How much can I handle?

Had my gallbladder removed today! Thought it was food poisoning but alas another situation to blog about!

So let’s recap this year 2018

  1. Husband kicked out for private reasons and it was a sort of intervention so I thank him for doing it but med changes around the same time left me suicidal and checked myself int psych ward and was put on new regimen of psych meds which helped me immensely!
  2. Felt so good after adding cbd oil full spectrum that I decided to get a job teaching which was wonderful until an altercation led me to a relapse of schizophrenia and bad times
  3. My daughter moved home and was my emotional caregiver until I decided to let her go and do her own therapy and our somewhat emeshed relationship took a turn for the worse but it’s getting better and will be doing a whole blog about it soon.
  4. My mom almost died in September and it shook my world!
  5. This week I decided to end my marriage but working it out sand after 3 day separating he decided to research my disorder and help support me more Ann’s even come to see my therapist with me!!
  6. Then same week this happens!

More tomorrow for now good night!!!



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