I still feel but it is diminished…

Dear readers,

Pretty even keel these days.  But got some sad news this weekend about my sister in law.  She has a brain tumor but it is operable and scheduled for end of May.  Pretty sad and scared as she has such a full life, many grandchildren and great kids.  My husband was the one who said we need to go see her before her surgery.  So we are going.  I am glad for his initiative because I didn’t even think about going on my own.

She was very happy to hear we are coming, me, my hubbie and the newlyweds!  Although I am very sad I feel like I should be feeling more than just sad.  The fact that I want to feel more is a good thing though because at least I can recognize this lack of sympathy for her and all the family.

The operation is supposed to have good statistics for recovery.  But here I am obsessing about how I look these days when her life hangs in the balance.  Brain surgery is no walk in the park and i just want her to know that I am there for her.

She is a believer so her faith in God is not shaken, rather it is increased.  This has not always been the case.  Her parents raised her without any religious instruction so imagine how happy I was when she accepted Christ into her life and began a Christian life.

God is good.  Still no complaints.

Been spending a lot of time with my folks.  Pretty much every other day average I take my mom to see my dad who is not doing so well.  I appreciate every moment I get to spend with them and feel good about my habit to get them together.

Haven’t felt like walking or gardening lately but have been doing a little bit of both anyway because I know it is necessary.

Pray all of you are well!



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