Living a secret life no more

Dear readers,

Praise be to God and the intercession of St. Joseph for my marriage working out.  Words cannot express my gratefulness to the Creator of me and my husband for helping us along this schizophrenic journey.

Another favorite musician I have is Keith Urban and this morning I am listening to Parallel Line which is where my marriage is at currently which is simply wonderful!  Baby be mine now, baby be mine now!

There are many signs that I am to remain with my husband, I shall share a few~

  • The day I told my husband about my secret blog since 2013 my book page, “Loving God, suffering and being in His will for all” received over 1,700 views!  Up till now it has received like none.  Don’t know if I sold any but it doesn’t matter as it is a strong sign that I was supposed to share more with him about my secret life and no longer suffer on my own.

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  • After ten years of being diagnosed he is finally taking over the finances which he promised to do when I was diagnosed!  What a huge relief as I have made a poor mess of our finances.  What a blessing!
  • He is researching Schizophrenia online since my decision I shared with him that I was going to leave him.  And quite frankly I think it really scared him.
  • He has offered to come to therapy with me and learn how to support my disorder more!
  • He is searching support groups for loved ones with mental disorders and will probably go with my adult daughter!

I also learned during my 3 day separation that I really don’t want to be on my own.  I need him in more ways than one and I am so grateful he still wants to be with me too!  I missed him so much and he spent the night the last night I was there at the hotel and it was great.  We watched movies, relaxed, and had a little marital fun.  We are now connected at a much deeper level than ever before and I know it is God’s will for me to remain in this marriage for life.  We will be celebrating our 27th wedding anniversary on January 8.  What an accomplishment, only by the grace of God.

Thank you Jesus, you are my best friend but You also gave me a best friend on earth and that is my husband.  Bless you God!  I am eternally grateful.




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  1. I so very extremely happy for you! God has provided your early Christmas gift . I also received a gift of being told My cancerous tumor is gone. I was scheduled to go into surgery this Friday but now it’s canceled ❤️

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