Miracle continues…

To all,

I am recovering nicely from my unexpected gallbladder surgery and have so much support right now that it is just so awesome!

I am grateful for many things but the stress of not being in charge of our finances right now is the biggest relief to my schizophrenia.  My husband made a huge deposit last night and things are really working out better now since our separation last week…

I am also grateful to my awesome children and future daughter in law.  I am actually going to lunch with my future daughter in law today just to hang out.  We have tried 3 times unsuccessfully to go to lunch but it hasn’t worked out.  So I told her the other day that we should just plan to go after the wedding and she was like no, I want to go before.  I am so blessed!  She is also going to help me out and drive me to run a couple of quick errands because I don’t have  a car right now.  What a blessing!

My daughter, who used to be my emotional caregiver until about two months ago is taking the back burner even in my recovery from this surgery.  My husband and youngest son have stepped up to the plate to help more whereas before it would be all on my daughter.  This is great news!  We are still figuring things out, but I am finally getting to be her mother as our roles are reversing and it feels great.  She is struggling with much but in therapy now so it is great to see her grow and find out who she is.  I am helping her too.

God is so good!

Hope everyone has a great day!  It’s funny because now that things have calmed down, I am feeling stronger every day mentally and physically and I will take this reprieve from suffering as long as God sees fit.  It has been a tough year but I have a new expression I learned from one of my caring nurses while in the hospital.

“From here on out” things will be better.

Looking forward to my 27 year marriage anniversary in January.  Who knows maybe we will even get away?

Bless you all!



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