New direction of this blog…

Well, well, well.  here I am wondering once again who I am and the reason God put me on this earth.

I constantly make decisions, we all do, but my decisions are life changing recently and I am back safe and sound again and happy to report doing well.

Today for the first time I looked at all my followers since 2013.  I recognized many but there were some with interesting handles who I have never seen.  It amazed me and reminded me why I started this blog…

It was not to convert people to Catholicism, it was not to save man kind, it was not to sell things, it was to give support to those in need and be a safe place where I could blog about my ups and downs and sometimes ramble and sometimes make perfect sense to somebody!

Have I impacted lives?  Yes I believe so.

So will I continue to blog?  yes, wholeheartedly yes!!!



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