Not taking things too personally…

Dear readers,

I am a very sensitive person by nature but lately I can say that I am not letting other people’s problems affect me as negatively as I once did.

Many of my family members seem to try to drag me down with their problems but I have been able to forge through this negativity and be positive despite their unhappiness…

Feels good and empowering!

Not that it doesn’t bother me, I am still very caring to their problems and offer solutions and encouragement but at the end of the day I go to sleep with a clear conscious that I have done all I can do and that I am not in control of their happiness. I choose love over all and lately it is working for me!

How have I gotten to this place of almost indifference? By taking action, working through therapy and talking to other people with the same sort of problem and in the end choosing my own happiness.

This is freeing so I wanted to share!

Have a great day!



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