Seemingly Obscure events in life are all a part of God’s plan

Dear readers,

After my therapy session yesterday I have been reflecting on my life and making connections that I never thought of before…

She asked me where I wanted to begin and I said my mother’s womb.

These are some of the events that led me to being adopted by my parents who raised me and my mother especially who I love with all my heart despite her negativity, criticisms, and yet much love for me…

~my birth mother wanted to keep me but was torn about it and vacillated on giving me up for adoption

~she eventually did give me up and hand picked a home for me where mysteriously my adopted mother became terminally ill and I had to be removed from their home at age 4 months

~I was placed in an orphanage until 6 months, finally being adopted by the parents who raised me, which was a very cold and strict environment

Realizing these events I don’t know what was God’s plan for me to be with my parents now, who are both still alive, but I am grateful.

Still connecting the dots but I see many events throughout my life which at first seemed to be obscure but I know God has a plan and that we were not made by accident, but rather a design.

Being diagnosed in 2008 with Schizophrenia was a part of that plan and although I don’t know what the future holds for me and my loved ones, I trust in His good will for me. Despite the suffering I thank him with all my heart for seeing that I can handle this diagnosis and life is so much better now that I am being honest with my husband on most levels.

God is good. Trying to make sense of things is cathartic and I pray and hope that all of you won’t hate your diagnosis but rather embrace it and all that it means to you and your loved ones.



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