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Dear readers,

Now that things have settled into a nice pattern of calmness I find myself a little lost without all the highs and lows. I am without a passion. I guess it is a good thing really but I miss those times when I was obsessed with a new song or old one, book, writing a book, my gardens, my house, my diet etc…

I am passionate about my eating right now and last night enjoyed success eating out with hubbie after a wonderful at a mineral hot spring which was spontaneous and relaxing. My husband ordered a lot of food and I had steamed broccoli ha ha! Watching him eat the ewey gooey mozzarella sticks was hard as those were my favorite but I kept saying Hawaii where I am going in April for my son’s wedding. I want to lose 20 pounds by then and am happy to say I am down 5.

But now that I no longer have food to engage in unhealthily I am trying to find other things to do to I guess one could say entertain myself.

On my trip to Boston it seemed like all the people with Schizophrenia or other psychotic disorder all had some sort of current passion to their experience today and I was a little jealous but also wondering if it was a manifestation of their disorder?

So I am going to try to insert a poll if you want to chime in. Can’t figure it out so I will just ask you to comment or email me as I am very curious.

How many of you in recovery still have a passion?

If yes, do you see it as a sign of your disorder manifesting or just able to get excited about something in your life while on meds?

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  1. The only thing I am really passionate about right now is my blog. It has enhanced my relationship with God and has given me a creative outlet and a way to minister to people through my writing. Nothing else in my life moves me all that much right now.

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