Reset button…

Dear readers,

Well it has been a tough month for sure.  Been making poor food choices, not exercising last few days and mindset questionable.

But I see my psychiatrist this week and it will be good to check in with him on all counts.

I love the reset button and today I know will be a good day because I have the right mindset, to make healthier choices and to pray more, which is how God is leading me and I love it.

Last night I prayed all night because I was in such a bad place with my choices.  I took a hot bath and relaxed and prayed until I fell asleep.  Ok so not quite in that order but you get the picture.  All I have is prayer and I have even been praying in the spirit which feels great for my soul.

Been spending a lot of time with my folks and the people where my dad lives.  I pray for all the residents and the workers who take such awesome care of them.  So happy my mom and dad are still alive and it is so precious to see them loving on each other even in my dad’s diminished capacity.

Life is good and I must remember that on days when I don’t do all set out to do or even try to do the next right thing.

My sister in law is doing amazing after her brain surgery!  Thank you Jesus!

God is so good, He is good to me and all!



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