Should I go?

Dear readers,

I have been invited to my 8th grade class reunion! Heard about it a few weeks ago but didn’t think much about it but today I opened up Facebook and the invitation was there.

Pondering much about it, might ask hubbie what he thinks about me going.

I was the school president and got into lots of trouble.

Sr. Anne, the eighth grade teacher, was my nemesis and we were constantly battling about small things and some big.

What would I say about where I have been? Would I share my diagnosis? My earning my Master’s degree in Psychology? My wonderful children and terrific marriage of 27 years this Monday.

Ohhhh my so much to remember. That was a very rough year and I am not in touch really with anyone who is going. I am perplexed and feel somehow that God wants me to go but is this my disorder?

It is three hours away in Fullerton. I can’t even get to the gym as planned yet I am thinking about making this trip down memory lane.

In the yearbook I was photographed and Julie the editor wrote the caption about me, “posing for the picture that will never be”.

Why am I even thinking about going? I don’t know the answer to this question but ask my God and creator for guidance.

God bless you all!



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