Still in pain and still feeling numb. Is that possible really? If I feel this pain but say I am numb am I really feeling the pain?

I guess I am just so sad again today.

And it’s ok to feel sad me thinks.

Losing both my parents to strokes would be hard for anyone.

I am wondering what God will do next~

We, the three of us, have a very special bond which I know is unbreakable even with death or now with diminished capacities. We have been through so much and the good part is, although all three of us have made many mistakes, that we always come back together..

Other people are special in my life too, but God has seen fit to put me with these two people and although I don’t know exactly why I am grateful for my relationship with both of them. I am now the good daughter and have much to offer them both still, being there for them although right now I am not visiting them because I need a little more time to process all of this.

God has intervened many times during our lives together and I know He will intervene again when the time is needed. I am grateful both my parents are still alive although not well.

I truly believe that these bonds with people in life are what keep us going.

Praying for better days for me and all of you if you are struggling too.

Thank you Jesus and Mary!



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  1. Put your trust in Jesus and realize that you will see them one day again when there is a new Heaven and new earth. We will all be together in the new earth with streets of gold with Jesus and the Father as our light day and night. God Bless you and thanks for your posts it is very encouraging.

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