The other side…

Happy Thanksgiving to all my readers!

Great news!  After much prayer and seeing my therapist yesterday which was amazing, my mom and I made up.  I called her to ask her if we could just not talk about my schizophrenia and she agreed and said she was going to call me.

She invited me to go visit my dad at his care facility today to celebrate thanksgiving.  I am so happy I still have her in my life.

So often we don’t know what will happen.  People are taken and I sometimes let go of people in my life but it seems to be God’s good will that we are to still be together and for that I am so grateful.

I did let her know that I am fine, doing much better now, have my doctor and therapist so I don’t need her help in regards to my schizophrenia.  She accepted this and now that I am not going to work other than research and writing I don’t have to worry about having another relapse.

I am on the other side now of this relapse and feeling stronger and happier again!

Hope you all have a wonderful day!



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