There is hope…

Dear readers,

Well after yesterday’s post I had a very productive day! Blogging really helps me to sift through my symptoms and get real. I deep cleaned two parts of my house and I might be weird but love to get rid of things. Things are nothing to me except pictures, statues, religious items and a few things that make me happy like my collection of pewter animals which I had forgotten about.

It feels good when I can get things done so I am going to do the same again today.

There is hope for us all for better days. I’ve been spending a lot of time with friends and family and that is great but for me I need my alone time too. It’s great to have friends and family who support me and I support them too. I may also be a grandma by Christmas so I feel like I really need to get things in order so I can be the best grandma I can be.

I love kids and have missed having children around day to day. Prior to getting diagnosed I homeschooled my three children and it was the best time in my life teaching my children to read and write and to think for themselves. Well I did something right because all three of my children are readers and are all productive members of society. I have written quite a bit about this in some articles and may work on that today too.

In cleaning out my bookcase I found some books that interest me and know I need to start reading again. I also found a tiny copy of the New Testament which I now have placed right in front of me by the computer. I read scripture every day but only a verse or two but this gives me great hope so having the bible next to my computer will get me in a better headspace I know.

I will be doing the video for SAMSHA in the upcoming weeks so will be giving back to life in doing so as I am not getting paid for it. I am doing this because I want to spread the message of hope that I have that having a diagnosis is not the end of the world. I may have days when I feel apathetic but what I am trying to relay is that I fight every day to not be. I want to help the beggar on the street and be involved in life any way I can.

I think that rather than it being my disorder that I may be addicted to my computer. So I am going to spend less time at it and more time organizing my home and gardens. We are in for some better weather and I am going to get out there and get busy gardening again. At least that is my goal.

I cannot just give up and in to this disorder. No I must fight every day to be involved in life as I know it and so with that I will sign off as usual….



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