Tiny victories add up to something big in mental health…

Dear readers,

I have been reading again and my latest treasure is called “On being Human” by Pastiloff, Jennifer which is a delightful memoir on, you guessed it, on being human, despite difficulties.  It is about acceptance and the realization that we are all human but it is our attitude that makes the difference.

Having a mental health disorder means many things.  And the most important part that sits well with me is the fact that the more I do things that aid in the best mental health possible the better I will be…

I took a break from blogging for a time but I am now at the point where after this needed break I am ready to share with all my readers what I have been up to.  Mainly yoga, meditation and developing a practice which is non competitive and wholesome.

I don’t do yoga every day but I embrace the philosophy it embodies.  Non judgmental, peaceful and embracing my body with its curves and all.  It’s a way of life and I am loving it.

Prior to starting a yoga practice I was not always happy and although I still have my moments I am practicing patience and the mantra “do no harm” I am embracing.  To me all life is precious and I no longer take for granted the things that once escaped my notice.

Life is full and so amazing.  There isn’t time for pity that I can’t work or for negative self talk that I am a failure.  No instead I am loving life and happy that the medicines work so well along with full spectrum cbd oil from Goterpy.

My delusions are gone and I wake up every day to a day that I look forward to and although I still have hard days it isn’t so much because of the Schizophrenia/Schizoaffective Disorder but rather because I am human.

So I hope to blog more about this new journey.  I have found my passion and yoga is only the start.  I hope to be nicotine free soon but for now I am just noticing things and the way they make me feel.

Have a great day!



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