Trip down memory lane…

Dear readers,

Well, I ended up staying home from the reunion and doing a needed cleaning of my house and watching football with my husband. But I did follow the reunion on my phone and it brought back many memories, some good and some bad…

Catholic school, from first to eighth grade with the same kids mostly but different teachers for each grade. First loves, some naughty moments, good friends, funny memories, wishes for some friendships to be renewed and lots in between.

I woke up at 5:45 am this morning. Lately I have been getting up at 7:30, doing my morning ritual which consists of prayers, Catholic offering on phone, favorite morning songs by Jason Mraz and sometimes blogging or watching my current favorite show, Blue Bloods with Tom Selleck.

Today I feel anxious about an old friend who I was close with in third or fourth grade who I later shunned because I am not sure why. I sent her a friend request and message this morning and as I was typing this I have a Facebook alert at the top of my screen. I want to check it to see if she has replied. Checking it now. Be right back. I am obsessed with reconnecting with this one friend for many reasons. Ok here I go…

It was her. We shall see where this goes according to God’s good will.

I get so easily obsessed since I was young. My friendship with this beautiful woman represented a time in my life when I was very innocent. Perhaps this is the obsession.

Been doing a lot of work with my therapist on my past. Will have to process some of this with her next time we meet.

Having this disorder I am not sure what God wants of me right now. Can’t get to Mass like I want and falling into many vices lately I am not proud of.

I have asked my Guardian Angel to protect me from temptation. Here I wait for help from above. The devil loves it when we give in. With my guardian angel’s help I can rise above.

Oh, God, this disorder is so hard to fathom! I suffer so much every day and at times like this it is relentless. How I wish for peace…



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