Video went well..coming down after high…

Dear readers,

The video on Saturday went great! I was treated like a queen and the care and attention to my needs by the director and video team was so nice.

It was easier than I thought it would be. I simply shared my story and shared the hope that I try to give on here and everywhere I go, mainly that living with serious mental health disorder although can be frustrating, that there is always hope for better days to come.

They were mesmerized by my story and wanted to keep filming but I didn’t have anything left to share so we ended it on a good note.

I had my own makeup artist by my side so felt like a queen for the day! Will post video after they are done with the edit. Can’t wait to see what they choose to put in the video and have no idea how long it will be but should be interesting for sure.

After filming the video and having a great time, I came home and crashed and a phone call from my mother brought me back down to reality.

Doing things like this and Boston makes me want to do even more as it is now my mission to destigmatize this disorder and others. Being disordered doesn’t mean that we can’t do many things. Some of us are able to work, although not me, and travel and speak when asked.

I am a little low today after a very busy weekend. Yesterday was family day at a local park with beautiful waterfalls. Might even post a pic if I can figure it out. Now that I have come out of the closet so to say with my disorder, I will be changing a little bit of how I do things. More will be coming down the pike in the near future.

Hope you all are doing great!

I did find out that it was a government project so that is very interesting. Not sure why but it seems like there is an explosion of funding for mental health projects. Very exciting and grateful for this!

Have a great day and God bless!



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