What depression is like for me…

Dear readers,

Still fighting against depression one of my symptoms of Schizoaffective Disorder. Seeing my psychiatrist today to hopefully change up my antidepressants. Have hope for better days to come.

I would like to describe what depression looks like for me~

Lack of energy to start or finish things

Difficulty concentrating on my writing

Dark blinders making it hard to see the world as beautiful

Lack of hope

Sad for no reason

It is not situational depression rather a feeling of being overwhelmed with sadness and hopelessness

Hard to keep up with housework due to lack of motivation

Have to force myself to get things done, like this blog.

Here are the ways I am fighting it~

CBD oil full spectrum

Being proactive about my doctor appointment (had to call several times to get earlier appointment)

Do small things to the best of my ability to feel like I accomplished something productive every day

Try to pick up a new hobby but hard to work on it continually so I do it in small increments

Force myself to take a shower and put make up on


Eat healthy and try to walk at least 15 minutes (haven’t succeeded that one yet but hoping soon)

Call on my support, family, friends, therapist, old classmates and pups especially Buttercup my favorite dog who could be a therapy dog if she wasn’t afraid of buildings!

Not give up!

Here is to better days ahead,



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  1. I am also diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder and have started blogging about my experience. I recently went through a two-month depression and I know exactly what you describe here. It can be a terrible time and I only get through it with the strength of the Lord. I truly hope things get better for you soon. Thanks for sharing.

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