What does being in recovery mean to you?

Dear readers,

I pose this question to myself as well as I believe it means much of the same thing as well as different things too:)

For me being in recovery means I am taking my meds every day, seeing my psychiatrist and therapist, getting stuff done with the occasional chill day, connecting with family and friends on a deep level and strangers that are put in my life or as it may be my day…

It means being ok even when I am not ok and that no matter what my disorder may bring, I won’t give up or in to negative thoughts or suicide.

It means that sometimes I am not perfect in some of it but that some of it I am like taking my meds and seeing my support team.

It is hard to be ok when I am not ok and those moments come and go like the winds but it seems to always pass and there is always a new day to come to do a do-over ha ha. Love that.

Yesterday was one of those day. I took a three hour nap and didn’t exercise because I was exhausted from the weekend activities. I recognized the fact that my body and mind were tired and accepted a less than perfect day in that.

But today is my hubbies 50th birthday so I made it a point to do the things that he wants me to do like garden and exercise. Although I did this for him originally, as I was doing it I was like this is a good thing to be doing!

My husband is very supportive of me lately and is always cheering me on, especially to get the gardens going. I want to do this and although I get tired at times am looking forward to more good weather when I can just get outside and weed and water and plant some pretty flowers and veggies.

Life is good these days and I am rarely bored. I have been spending my chill mornings off the computer and although I am not very good at multi-tasking been making my to do lists and crossing things off which feels great!

So I ask again~what does being in recovery mean to you?

There are so many hours in a day- what helps you when you aren’t feeling up to par?

Hope everyone has a great day! Family dinner tonight and then I will sleep well as usual after a busy day…

God bless



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